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Pocket Doors - The Perfect Choice for Bathrooms

Our home is our castle, but after we have lived in it a while we usually start to notice one or two things that irritate us. A common annoyance for many of us home-owners, is the door that doesn’t open the right way, or bashes into items behind it. In many cases this can be remedied and it can be a simple task of rehanging the door. In other cases, it might be necessary to be a little more innovative. Bathrooms can be particularly annoying because for many of us, the bathroom is not a particularly large space. Being more restricted in size has a knock-on effect to the layout, so quite often in the bathroom there isn’t much free floorspace between the toilet, sink and shower or bath. If you find that opening the door into your bathroom results in knocks or scrapes with your bathroom furniture then what could be your options?

You may have considered a concertina style folding door. These have been around for many years and do save space. However, they are not as sturdy as other options, can be less soundproof and, dare we say it, do not look appealing. Many people also find their opening mechanism a little trickier too. The bi-fold door has its’ place in the space-saving world for sure. Bi-folds can often be matched to the other doors in the house and so can blend in well. As a space saving device, they swing out less than a traditional door, but if we are honest, they can still take up a fair bit of room. If your space is at a premium, they may not be right option for you.

We think that a pocket door is the ideal space saving solution, making the best use of any smaller-sized room. As a door that fits into a “pocket” which is built into the wall, the pocket door slides along the wall to open or close and does not have to swing into or out of the room, thus preventing collisions or accidents. Because the casing is covered with plaster board and then decorated as part of the wall in the room, it in unobtrusive and really does save space in the areas of the house that need it most.

Sliding doors have always been a popular choice for smaller rooms in the house, but what makes the pocket door option truly innovative is that the door is not sliding along the wall in plain sight, but within it.If you are interested in saving some space in your bathroom, or indeed any other room in your house, then call us on 0113 245 8157 or email us at

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