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How to Install a Pocket Door
Pocket doors are one of the greatest inventions of all time – they’re space saving, look the part and are full of clever craftsmanship. But the question we receive time and time again, is ‘how are they installed?’. Luckily, installing a pocket door is not rocket science, and is probably far easier than you ever imagined.
Pocket Doors - The Practical Solution
If there’s a shortage of space in your home, you might think there’s nothing you can do. Well, think again – because there’s a fantastic space saving product on the market that has more benefits than you can shake a stick at. Please welcome the pocket door, which when fully opened is virtually invisible and saves much more space than a traditional door.
The History of the Pocket Door
Finding extra room in the home has been an architectural conundrum for hundreds of years. Here we chart the rise of a leading proponent of domestic space saving - the humble pocket door.
The Real Success Behind Pocket Doors
At Space Saving Doors, we thought it would be useful to give you a basic rundown on the hardware that helps to operate the door, so that you know what you’re looking at when you purchase your pocket folding door.
Pocket Doors - The Perfect Choice for Bathrooms
We think that a pocket door is the ideal space saving solution, making the best use of any smaller-sized room. As a door that fits into a “pocket” which is built into the wall, the pocket door slides along the wall to open or close and does not have to swing into or out of the room, thus preventing collisions or accidents. Because the casing is covered with plaster board and then decorated as part of the wall in the room, it in unobtrusive and really does save space in the areas of the house that need it most.
The Biggest Advantages of Choosing Pocket Doors
If you are looking to build or refurbish your home, you’ll want to consider the best use of space, along with the most practical features and stunning design elements. Pocket doors are an alternative to conventional doors and can be used throughout a build to make the most of your space. Instead of using hinges, they operate on a sliding door track that allows them to become hidden in the walls when open.
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