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Pocket Doors - The Practical Solution

If there’s a shortage of space in your home, you might think there’s nothing you can do. Well, think again – because there’s a fantastic space saving product on the market that has more benefits than you can shake a stick at.

Please welcome the pocket door, which when fully opened is virtually invisible and saves much more space than a traditional door.

At Space Saving Doors, we’re big fans of the pocket door. Here’s why.

  1. They maximise floor space

Pocket doors can save on floor space thanks to their ability to slide effortlessly into the wall rather than swinging outwards. This can be particularly useful in small spaces like ensuites, dressing rooms and older style, small kitchens.

space saving doors

  1. They have various applications

Pocket doors don’t just have to be used for the doors into rooms. They can also be used to partition off a large space to suit your mood and needs, to create extra spaces, such as playrooms or offices, and can divide up studio flats. They can also be chosen in a range of styles and colours and look good whether closed or open. What’s not to love?

  1. They encourage accessibility for disabled people

Normal doors can sometimes pose a problem to wheelchair users because the door openings are not wide enough or the doors too heavy to push. Pocket doors can help alleviate some of those problems by offering a wider opening along with an easier opening system that works on runners.

  1. There are no hinges for little fingers to get caught in

Traditional swing doors have hinges, whereas pocket doors do not. This means pocket doors are a safer alternative, which can be child-proofed further with the appropriate mechanisms.

  1. They’re affordable

Although our space saving doors are affordable at £129.50*, we certainly don’t skimp on quality. Not only that, but all our kits come with a five year guarantee, offering peace of mind.

At Space Saving Doors, our sliding door systems offer a stunning alternative to traditional hinged doors and can be used for various applications. To purchase one of our Rocket Pocket doors please visit our shop, or call: 0113 245 8157.

Delivery to UK mainland is free and each order will receive a free bathroom lock or flush pull set, while stocks last.

*Price displayed is excluding VAT

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