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The Biggest Advantages of Choosing Pocket Doors

If you are looking to build or refurbish your home, you’ll want to consider the best use of space, along with the most practical features and stunning design elements. Pocket doors are an alternative to conventional doors and can be used throughout a build to make the most of your space. Instead of using hinges, they operate on a sliding door track that allows them to become hidden in the walls when open.

Below we’ve listed 8 big benefits of using pocket doors in place of traditional ones:

#1 Maximise your space

Because the pocket door conveniently slides into a compartment in the wall, you won’t waste space needed for the door to swing out. This makes the pocket door ideal for creating more space in small rooms or tight spots.

pocket doors


#2 Create convenient connections

Pocket doors can also be used to create the feeling of more space between adjoining rooms and make them more easily accessible. You could install pocket doors throughout your space to connect the dining room to the kitchen, or the inside to a beautiful garden view outside.

#3 Make a design statement

Pocket doors are a sleek design feature which can blend in with the aesthetics of your space. You can create something minimal or very unique with different colours and facade finishes. You can also use the design of the doors to clearly mark out separate areas when they’re closed, to create a different mood. Pocket doors can additionally be incorporated to suit the specific architectural and period details that you’d like to enhance.

#4 A safe and private space

Pocket doors allow you to design versatile areas that offer physical privacy. A pocket door would be valuable to separate a home office for instance, or to hide away clutter when there are guests around. 

#6 Keep peace and quiet

Using modern materials and construction techniques, quality pocket doors should open quietly, helping to maintain a peaceful environment.

#7 Affordable

Rocket pocket space-saving doors provide a high quality, yet very affordable solution. Despite the low price, you can rest assured that we only provide quality materials and all of our reliable kits come with a 5 year guarantee.

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#8 Simple installation

Space saving pocket doors have certain installation requirements depending on the structures of your walls, however in many cases they are quite an easy-to-make addition if you choose to renovate. At Space Saving Doors we offer 6 affordable pocket door kits to suit different standard door sizes. You can browse our kits here or contact our team to discuss your requirements. For more information simply call us on 0113 245 8157 or email Order your pocket door kit now for a free Bathroom Lock or Flush Pull Set while stocks last.


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