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The Real Success Behind Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a fabulous invention for anyone looking to maximise space in their homes. An alternative to conventional doors, they operate on a sliding door track that allows them to be hidden in the walls when open.

Selecting the door itself is a straight forward process, but picking the hardware, such as the pulls and tracks, can be much more detailed. The hardware is often the thing that creates a smooth running operation, and if you pick the wrong kit for the job it may spoil the seamless effect that pocket folding doors can offer.

At Space Saving Doors, we thought it would be useful to give you a basic rundown on the hardware that helps to operate the door, so that you know what you’re looking at when you purchase your pocket door.

  1. Ceiling tracks

Selecting the correct track system for the doors to slide on is very important. Most often, pocket doors are hung from a track that runs along the top. The track is recessed in the door opening and the top of the door is connected to the rolling trolley hardware through trolleys, which ride along the rails.

The track and trolleys must be the correct size for the weight of the door.

  1. Floor tracks

Some systems use a floor track and rollers which do not bear the weight of the door. This offers an advantage because it means that the top of the system can be relatively light and that it can be used in situations where the ceiling cannot be reached. The downside of this however, is that it needs to sit on an extremely level floor.

  1. Multi-pass sliding doors

With doors that slide over each other, you need to be able to keep the bottom doors in line and sliding. This can be achieved by adding a floor track which will guide them and hold them in place. Although they can be useful, floor guides can prove to be a dangerous tripping hazard and so are better suited to low traffic areas.

  1. Mounting

This is the equipment that you use to mount the closing mechanism or lock. You can get a wide variety of mounting hardware, from turn-nib locking systems to mortised sets.

  1. Pulls

The pull is the thing that you touch when you want to pull open the door. There is a huge variety of pulls on the market, and people often find that they choose the pull that best fits their architectural project, whether that’s stainless steel round pulls or bronze rectangular shaped pulls.

At Space Saving Doors, we are a leading supplier of Rocket Pocket Doors and can help you pick the product to suit your architectural need. For further information on why you should choose our Rocket Pocket door kit click here, please call 0113 245 8157, or email

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