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How to Install a Pocket Door

Pocket doors are one of the greatest inventions of all time – they’re space saving, look the part and are full of clever craftsmanship. But the question we receive time and time again, is ‘how are they installed?’.

Luckily, installing a pocket door is not rocket science, and is probably far easier than you ever imagined. Here, we share our fuss free instructions on how to do it. So if you’re ready, let’s begin!


  1. Buy the right system

Before you even get to the installing bit, it’s important to remember that although the hardware can often work on any type of door, such as hollow core, flat or paneled, it’s always best to buy a pocket door system that includes a door.


  1. Check there’s enough room

Make sure there’s enough room in the wall and that the wall isn’t load-bearing. Load bearing walls are usually near the centre of the house and run perpendicular to the floor joists. Installing a pocket door on a load bearing wall requires a longer heading and may need extra support. If you’re unsure, call a structural engineer who will be able to guide you.


  1. Remove plasterboard

When you have cleared the area of any pipework and electrics, cut the opening for your pocket door kit. You can do this by using a wood-cutting blade to remove pieces of plasterboard.


  1. Remove existing door

Remove the existing door, if necessary. Start by removing the moulding and cut the shims with a reciprocating saw.


  1. Remove one side of drywall.

Be careful not to cut through all the drywall and remove one side carefully.


  1. Cut exposed studs

Make room for the new frame by cutting any exposed studs. The aim is to leave big enough holes in the studwork to allow the pocket door kit to fit.


  1. Install the kit into the stud opening

Each brand of pocket door will have their own instructions, so follow them carefully. You can see our instructions here. Note the frame should be installed to the finished floor.


  1. Put hardware in place

Fix the hardware into place and put the door onto the slider track, ensuring its level.


  1. Plasterboard

Plasterboard both sides of the pocket on your frame and continue the plasterboard along the rest of your stud wall.


  1. Skim

Tape and skim the plasterboard, adding lots of drywall compound. Let it dry, sand it, and apply the next layer as appropriate.


  1. Paint and decorate however you like.


  1. Install the architrave according to your pocket door instructions.

Voila! You should now have a fully functioning pocket door.

At Space Saving Doors, we have a range of pocket doors that work with six door sizes, have a five-year guarantee and are easy to install. But the best bit is, they’re only £129.50 To speak to us about your pocket door project, or for further guidance on how to install one, please call: 0113 245 8157 or email:

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