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Frequently asked questions

What is a pocket door kit?
A pocket door kit allows a door to slide into a space inside the wall, as opposed to a hinged door which opens into a room. The Rocket Pocket door kit includes steel sections which creates the pocket and takes the place of the wall.  This then is covered by plasterboard on each side.

The track that comes with the kit allows your door to be top hung leaving the floor free of obstructions.

Does the Rocket Pocket kit come with a door?
No, but you will be able to use any of the 6 standard door sizes specified on our Buy Online page. This allows you to choose your own door and door handles to match the other doors and door handles in your house.
How do I choose the right size?
Rocket pocket kits come in 6 sizes to suit 6 standard UK door panel sizes.  The kit components come pre-cut so there is no cutting required.  Look at our diagram here to choose the kit you require.
What is the maximum weight and thickness of door the Rocket Pocket Kit can be used with?
The Rocket Pocket kit can be used with a door with a maximum weight of 60 Kg and can be 35-44mm thick.
Do you need a liner/jamb kit?
The Rocket Pocket system has been specifically designed to minimise the need for a liner/jamb kit. The walk through area can easily be lined with the 90-degree angle profile for a flat architrave or by a simple flat timber lining covering the internal sections and your own architrave on the outside see our instruction manual on the Installation page.
What wall thickness?
The Rocket Pocket is designed to be used with 75mm stud and standard 12.5mm plasterboard which will give you a finished wall thickness of 100mm. Plasterboard screws are provided. More layers of plasterboard can be added to increase the wall thickness.  Please ensure the screws you use to fix the extra layers do not protrude into the pocket.
Does the kit come with some sort of door damper or soft close mechanism to stop the door slamming into the door post?
All Rocket Pocket kits come with a door brake mechanism that slows down the door during closing. Made from special spring steel the door brake ensures that during normal use the door will not slam against the door post.
Is the Rocket Pocket kit suitable for external doors?
No, the Rocket Pocket kit is suitable for internal doors.
Can I use the Rocket Pocket kit for double pocket doors?
Yes the two kits together can be purchased to make a double door however the frame has to be installed completely square/plum otherwise the doors will not meet perfectly when closed.
What is the guarantee for the sliding door kit?
The guarantee is 5 years on the Rocket Pocket sliding door mechanism components.
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